Understanding Profitable Growth with Shopify

Welcome to Profitable Growth with Shopify.  In this information session we went through the metrics that we will be focusing on throughout the next 20 weeks. 

We call this the Ecommerce Operating System (EOS for short) essentially we are distilling ecommerce metrics into three key areas of focus. 

  • CPC - (Cost Per Click) - How much does it cost to get people (traffic) to my website? 
  • EPS - (Earnings Per Session) - How much are people spending when they are on my site and how many of them are spending.
  • LTV - (Life Time Value) - How often are people coming back. 

The above is an over simplification of the metrics and the video below explains it in more detail. Use the google sheet below to plug in your numbers which will  help you set bench marks at the start of this program. 

 8 Min Explainer Video showing you where to find your metrics. 

 53 Min Explainer Video - Finding CPM, CTR, AOV, CTR, ARP, RCR
(Simo and Julian do it live, make mistakes and explain the metrics)

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