St Kevins Arcade Entrepreneurs Group

Joining First Thursdays, doing a pop-up or a long term retail store at St Kevins Arcade?

Want to get your business or business idea online with some guided help? 

You qualify for the St Kevins Arcade Entrepreneurs Group with an extended free trial for Shopify. Shopify and St Kevins Arcade are partnering to help entrepreneurs get their businesses online and profitable with the creation of the St Kevins Arcade Entrepreneurs Group. 

What is the St Kevins Arcade Entrepreneur group? 

A group of previous and potential market stall holders, retail shop lease holders  and partners who are wanting to learn and teach entrepreneurial best practices to implement in our businesses on a regular basis.

  • What will we learn? The basics of starting an ecommerce Business. Content Marketing, Social Media / Media Campaigns. SEO 101. Product Photography etc.  
  • When will we learn? Every two weeks, a 90 minute session. In the evening or during the day (whatever is best for the entrepreneur group as a whole) 
  • Where will we learn? At St Kevins Arcade in a retail shop or in a nearby coworking space.
  • How will we learn? Through a facilitated session from an expert related to that topic and also from one another's learnings.
  • You should come away from these sessions with a few things to work on in your business and most importantly you should come away feeling supported. 
  • Why will we learn? To grow as entrepreneurs so we can develop profitable businesses.

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