Profitable Growth with Shopify - Optimising your website for conversions

Welcome to week two of the four-week webinar series "Profitable Growth with Shopify."

What a practical and engaging webinar!

  • We worked through the process Glass Elephant uses to build an optimal Shopify store and how they utilise key metrics to gauge its success.
  • We had a chat with Jack Butcher from Visualise Value who taught us to keep it simple and focus your efforts on social proof for your landing page and designing for your audience.
  • Simo and Jaymard from Glass Elephant gave their tips and tricks so as to build an optimised environment for conversion without breaking the bank.
  • We then reviewed attendees websites and gave actionable advice from our optimisation blueprint. As a Shopify merchant I took a lot away from this webinar.

Please see the link here to the Profitable Growth with Shopify | Crush Christmas google drive.

Here you will find:

  • The Master Implementation Roadmap containing all course material
  • The webinar recordings & any supporting documents for that particular event
- Remember -
Information is worthless without execution. Make sure you do the work!
"Do what you've always done, get what you've always got."
"Definition of insanity: do the same thing, expect different results."


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