Optimising email marketing for life time value [PGWS]

In this webinar Simo, Finn and I went through the best practices you need to set up and enhance your email marketing to improve the average repeat purchase and therefore the life time value of your customer. 

This sprint is been designed utilising the Klaviyo [ESP] Email Service Provider Platform. Can you incorporate what is taught with other ESPs? Yes totally, but we believe Klaviyo is the best choice. 

If you would like to support Glass Elephant (& get the perks!) by using their Klaviyo Affiliate Link... [Register Here] 

What does this webinar cover? 

  • Email in 2021 | Cookie Death & First Party Data
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • The Customer Buying Cycle
  • Effective Lead Generation 
  • Developing an Email Ecosystem
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Campaign Type Selection
  • Content Creation 
  • Putting It all together

[Click here for the slide deck]

 Q+A Session 30-09-2021

 Q+A Session 07-10-2021 

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