Monday Merchant Meetups - Social Media Marketing Strategy

When I started my Shopify journey, I wished there was a regular meetup where no one was trying to sell me a solution. But a place that offered a sounding board for my roadblocks where I could meet people like me who could help. This is why I started Monday Merchant Meetups. Each week like-minded Shopify merchants meet up and help each other out. Usually the discussion is guided by a topic of the week. 

This week's topic is focused on Social media marketing strategy and we had Vivien from as our special guest. Below are the notes that were taken from the meetup. 

A massive thank you for Vivien taking the time out of her day to spend time with us at our meetup! This was such a valuable 90 mins! 

Date: 31 - 08 - 20

Host: Julian from Shopify

Special Guest: Vivien from Ace The Gram

Merchant Questions: 

Question: How do you best develop a social media marketing strategy?

Viv Answer:  What do you want to achieve from Social media? How established are you? Where are you on your entrepreneurial journey? Do you know who your target audience is? Have you surveyed your customers or potential customers? Have you conducted a focus group? Ensure your strategy is focused on your target audience. Be where your audience hangs out on social media. Suppose you have a robust Social Media Marketing Strategy and stick to it. In that case, you will be less inclined to be distracted. 

Question: What is the best way to come up with content for social media? How much personal information or content should be shared on social media? 

Viv Answer: 

  • With technology these days, shooting content is pretty straightforward. Still, if you are like me and less creatively inclined, you could get someone else to shoot content for you. If you do get someone to shoot it for you, it is a great idea to create a mood board to direct the person shooting the content for you. So the content speaks your brand's voice. 
  • Join snapmysnaps for a low-cost solution if you are looking for people to shoot content for you. 
  • Asset Factory is another option for high-quality content creation. 
  • User-generated content or UGC is excellent. So if people are mentioning your product or showcasing your product, you could repost. Ensure you @ the original creator of the post. A word of caution around this: don't adjust the content unless you have an agreement from the original creator. 
  • Regram Rules from Carol
  • Other User-Generated Content ideas. Use Apps like Loox or and to help encourage your customers to generate content for you. If you are going down the app road, make sure you have a developed strategy around their use. 
  • You might be surprised as to what content creates the most engagement: Filming the assembly process. Filming gift wrapping. Behind the scenes footage. 
  • Look to other pages and brands that are doing it well. Get inspired. 

Question: Top 3 tips on creating content that will give me better engagement and convert to sales.

Viv Answer: Competitions, Polls, asking questions, time-lapse videos are trending, takeovers, and collaborations with other brands. Using stories and live videos. Trial and error: Try multiple formats to see what works? Look at your analytics; what worked? Replicate and improve. 

Question: TikTok or Instagram or both 

Viv Answer: Depends where your target market is. Watch this space; right now, Tiktok is under pressure at the Government level, so it's uncertain. Currently seems to be a young audience. How much resource (time) do you have? Can you add another platform to the mix? Does it make sense? 

Question: Obvious Ad... or how to type promo?

Viv Answer: Having a keen understanding of your marketing funnel answers this question. Top of funnel is about awareness, so getting people to know your product or service. People are looking for information. Who are we? What are our values? Why do we exist? We then move into the evaluation phase; this is where video guides, white papers, and value-added content are perfect for getting people to like your product or service. Then we move to the intention phase, where we ask for the sale with the obvious advertisements and product deals once they have gained trust in your product or service.

Question: How important is it to have a pretty feed vs just posting everything? 

Viv Answer: It depends on your brand story and what is right for your brand. It's all about results, so what do your followers say? What are they engaging with? Use stories for behind the scenes imagery if you don't want to muddy up your main page.  

Question: Do you have a template for pulling together content for social media? We use later but need something outside of that; preference is one template with all marketing touchpoints on it. 

Viv Answer: Try Co-schedule!


Main Takeaways

  • Do the work on buyer personas, They are only going to serve you by giving you a clear direction for your social media strategy. [buyer personas blog]
  • Focus your content on and around the sales funnel, your content should not always be about people buying your product. Focus on three areas: Awareness [Know], Evaluation [Like] and Intention [Trust] 
  • If you can lean on your customers to generate content for you. 
  • Try multiple formats and types of content and look at the analytics. What is working? What is not working. Try new things. 

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