Monday Merchant Meetups - Professional Development Session 20-09-21

Monday Merchant Meetups is a weekly virtual zoom meeting where a community of Aotearoa based Shopify merchants learn from each other and discuss all things related to Shopify. 

We discuss and go through so many varying topics with a focus on 5 key areas. 

  • How to increase traffic to our websites.
  • How to increase our conversion rates.
  • How to increase customer retention.
  • Shopify platform knowledge
  • General business knowledge

This week was about general business knowledge with a focus on professional development. I asked a series of questions to the attendees around the things we do during the week / month / year to ensure we are developing professionally.  

The general consensus was that most of our professional development as business owners is undertaken when we hit road blocks or friction when doing things in our day to day tasks. The other consensus was that most of their Shopify professional development was coming to Monday merchant meetups every week. :)

We also spoke about books, podcasts and other "hacks" that have made a major impact on us and our businesses which are listed for your benefit below. I now have a bunch of books added to my reading list.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations and want to thank the attendees for adding so much value to Monday merchant meetups. 

Danny Recommends 

How to win friends and influence people 

How to Win Friends and Influence People is a self-help book written by Dale Carnegie, published in 1936. Over 30 million copies have been sold worldwide, making it one of the best-selling books of all time. Summary

Billion dollar brand club 

A leading business journalist takes us inside a business revolution: the upstart brands taking on the empires that long dominated the trillion-dollar consumer economy.

Julian recommends


Emyth revisited 

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It - 

Demand side selling  

Demand-side selling is where you sell by helping people make progress in the journey they are on. 

You reframe the sales process to be more like coaching, mentoring, and helping rather than pushing what you have. Help customers hire your product to enable them to get a job done they care about. Don't push products.

Free Courses

Monday Merchant Meetups

Learn to scale your business with "Profitable Growth with Shopify"


The unofficial shopify podcast 

Talking shop with zyber

Face Book groups:

Snap my Snaps (Private Group) to help people get really nice photography of your product.  

Fiona recommends 

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey 

Ken Blanchard (does help if you have other's working for you, but also the general principle of not taking on other's problems).

One simple idea can set you free: Don't take on a problem if it isn't yours! One of the most liberating books in the extraordinary One Minute Manager Library teaches managers an unforgettable lesson: how to have time to do what they want and need to do.

Absolute Certainty by John Haylock

In the tradition of the E-Myth, Absolute Certainty is a powerful story that will transform the service based business Andrew is like many business operators; completely overwhelmed by his to-do list.

Great Advice: 

Fiona recommends getting the library to buy your books for you.

Fiona uses a blog reader - Feedly for Professional development which then has a curated list of interesting blogs and articles.

Fiona has been doing a few courses via - Identify marketing 

Sharn Recommends

that ANZ business banking had some great learning materials so I have posted links to all major banks below. 






Cathy Recommends

NZTE Export essentials program.

Learn how to grow your export business faster. 


Sell like Crazy by Sabri Suby

Sabri Suby, the founder of Australia's #1 fastest growing digital marketing agency, reveals his exclusive step-by-step formula for growing the sales of any business, in any market or niche!

Deanna recommends

Dan Ariely and Malcolm Gladwell and that she enjoys their ted talks.

Also the book, podcast and website of


Rose recommends

listen to the Shopify Masters podcast for professional development. 


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