Monday Merchant Meetups - Do you even blog?

When I started my Shopify journey, I wished there was a regular meetup where no one was trying to sell me a solution. But a place that offered a sounding board for my roadblocks where I could meet people like me who could help. This is why I started Monday Merchant Meetups. Each week like-minded Shopify merchants meet up and help each other out. Usually the discussion is guided by a topic of the week. 

This week's topic is focused on blogging and why it is important to have one as an ecommerce business owner.  

Date: 7 - 09 - 20

Host: Julian from Shopify 

Main Takeaways:

Reasons Why You Should Blog

  • Develop Your Brands Voice: To make your ecommerce store stand out developing a brand voice is essential and blogging is a great way to do this.
  • Attract Traffic From Multiple Sources:  The more blog posts you have on your store, the easier it’s going to be for people searching to find those pages and see what you’re selling.
  • Improve your SEO:  Whenever ecommerce store owners have blogs that focuses on helping or informing their customer and they have blogging as part of their SEO strategy the traffic coming into their store dramatically rises.
  • Gives People a Reason to Share: Most of the time people are only going to share something from an ecommerce site if there is an incentive like a sale or a free giveaway or some type of contest. But if you are offering value or entertainment they likelihood of people sharing your blog and therefore your store go up exponentially.
  • Create Calls to Action: Whenever you are blogging, you are communicating though an information lens to your customer. As they are reading your content, you have their attention, and the ability to direct them to wherever you want them to go -- usually different product pages. So when you are blogging about more that your products and adding real value you can use a “call to action” to specifically direct them to one of your product pages after you have warmed them up to the idea of making a purchase.
  • Generate Backlinks:  Having a blog can help you tap into your industries community and blogosphere so you should be easily able to build relationships with other website owners and bloggers to  begin linking to the content you’ve created. Far easier than just a product page.

Your blog should: 

  • Add value. Your blog should contain content that your target audience wants to read. Entertain them, educate them, share news, or do a little of all three. Just remember that it’s not about you, it’s about your customers and their wants and needs.
  • Have clear goals. What do you want to get out of blogging? Ideally, you should be focused on bringing readers in through search engines and social media, building a relationship with them, and then eventually driving sales. 
  • Build upon your brand. Blogs can be used to not only support your brand, but to help establish it. Blogging gives you a voice and you can harness storytelling to connect with users and make your brand stand out.
  • Be consistent. If you can only put out one post a month, that’s okay. Just make sure that you’re making time to hit that once-a-month mark regularly.

Need Blog Ideas? 

Use a search engine listening tool like answer the public

Resources and Links 

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