Monday Merchant Meetups - Abandoned Cart Strategy

When I started my Shopify journey, I wished there was a regular meetup where no one was trying to sell me a solution. But a place that offered a sounding board for my roadblocks where I could meet people like me who could help. This is why I started Monday Merchant Meetups. Each week like-minded Shopify merchants meet up and help each other out. Usually the discussion is guided by a topic of the week. 

This week's topic is focused on Abandoned cart strategy

Monday Merchant Meetups - Abandoned cart strategy

Date: 22 - 02 - 21

68% of customers on average abandon carts


  1. 63% said they are likely to abandon a purchase because of high shipping costs.
  2. 46% of shoppers have left their cart because their discount code doesn’t work.
  3. 36% of online shoppers will move away from a transaction because they find the order will take too long to ship.
  4. 30% of customers claim that they will avoid a buying items in their shopping cart if they are required to re-enter their credit card information.
  5. 25% will abandon their shopping cart because they are required to re-enter shipping information.




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