Ecommerce marketing explained - Know your data inside and out

In the first of this three-week lunch and learn series, Sprocket Digital takes us through the importance of understanding who our customers are. As business owners, we should have a pretty clear idea of who they are, or so we think.

Knowing your data inside and out is critical to helping you either validate your perceptions or point out some blind spots. Once you have the most precise idea about who your customers are, you can tailor creative content that will help convert them as effectively as possible. Once you know who you are trying to sell to, you need to ascertain where they spend their time online. This is where marketing attribution comes into play.

Marketing attribution is the analytical science of determining which touch-points contribute to sales or conversions. This is pretty important; knowing where you should spend your marketing dollar is critical to your business's success and scalability. This is a simplification and Sprocket go into detail about each google attribution model.

Sprocket then take us through the seven must-have implementations for accurate data collection. Follow these steps, and you are on the way to understanding your customers better and what marketing function is working.

Here is a link to the presentation PDF

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