Profitable Growth with Shopify - Best practice Facebook & Instagram media buying

Welcome to the final week of the four-week webinar series "Profitable Growth with Shopify."

This webinar was nothing short of spectacular.  We were shown the latest 2020 best practice for FB advertising. How to create the most effective custom audiences and funnel structure.

We were given the keys to the kingdom with a step by step instructional guide and video of an ideal setup for a Facebook business manager account from start to finish for us to follow plus all of their tools (ROAS calculator, budget sheet, column setup). 

Here is the link to the facebook ads tool box. 

Please see the link here to the Profitable Growth with Shopify | Crush Christmas google drive.

Here you will find:

  • The Master Implementation Roadmap containing all course material
  • The webinar recordings & any supporting documents for that particular event
- Remember -
Information is worthless without execution. Make sure you do the work!
"Do what you've always done, get what you've always got."
"Definition of insanity: do the same thing, expect different results."


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