Climate Friendly Ecommerce

This was my favourite webinar to host to date. 

Treat this webinar more like a podcast put in on and listen to the gold and then if any of it inspires you, click on the appropriate links on the bottom of this webpage. 

I was privileged to interview and learn from an incredible lineup of merchants who are all focusing on incorporating sustainability into their business model. I want to thank Chris, the co-founder of Karma Drinks, Kathryn, the founder of Kathryn Wilson Footwear and Bex, the founder of Clique Fitness, for taking the time out of their lives. They all gave a personal insight into how and why they are incorporating sustainable practices into their business. We learnt about the quadruple bottom line in business, and how looking after your staff and suppliers doesn't raise the ceiling; it pulls the floor up, so everyone is a winner.

We also heard from Dave, the CEO of Carbon Offsetting App "Climate Friendly Cart. Its ease of use, and how incorporating it helps you as a business owner start a conversation with your customer about climate conservation.

We meet Ming, the director of r3Pack, who takes us through different sustainable packaging options, and announces the launch of a new BPA free thermal label.

And lastly, we finish the webinar by meeting Kira, the Community Manager of BLab, the charitable organisation running the BCert sustainability certification program. She takes us through where we as business owners can start on our sustainable journey.


R3pack Sustainable Packaging Options
Carbon Click - "NZ Made" Carbon Offsetting App
Bcert - Sustainability Impact Assessment 
The Intro to B Corps short course
The guide to B Corp certification 

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