Ace the Gram Podcast - Shopify Info

Hey guys Julian here from Shopify!

I hope you got something from this episode of the Ace the Gram Podcast! 

Julian on a jet boat

Thank you to Tash and Viv for having me on the show!

As promised here is a link to all 2.5 pages of tips from Shopifolk regarding Instagram. 

I wanted to give more value to you all as a thank you to you listening to the Ace the Gram podcast. So I would love to offer you a free "extended" 28 day trial of Shopify to see if our platform is the right platform for you. 

Click here to register your free trial. Once you have registered I will be notified and then I can extend it for 28 days.

Other helpful information we spoke about:

Shopify Academy - You do not need to be on Shopify to use this Academy and it is jam packed with helpful courses that help improve business. So get at it here.

FB | IG Creator Studios - Take a peak at this if your not using it already. I personally believe this will be the future of scheduling and creating content on this platform. (I could be wrong). Click here to check it out

The Unofficial Shopify podcast - As a merchant I am always looking on how to improve my business. This is my go to Shopify podcast. Kurt Elster is an amazing Shopify expert and I get so many tangible things from that podcast I had to share it.  heres the link




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